Sunday, May 13, 2012

Is There Anything As Beautiful As A Mother's Heart?

Who can understand a Mother's heart?
Only the One who created it! It's really a true Beauty!

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and all my friends.

As Mothers we just get to carry it around and live to cherish and share that beautiful feeling of an unselfish Love with our children that only a mother can understand.

  A mother's heart was made from a unique material that only God can understand!I think a piece of God's Love to humanity was instilled in a woman's heart programed to activate the minute we become a Mother and only with our children.:-)))* They walk all over us and we Love them. One minute we're the Best Mom in the world, as soon as things don't go their ways, we're the Worse Mom in the world. hehehhe :-)))*  
We don't understand it ~  but its ok, we love them anyways!

When it comes to her children she can be as strong as steel and soft as cotton when needed to. She can be as ferocious as a Bear or a Lion when robed of their cubs. When the situation calls for her, she's blindfolded by her within Love and acts without thinking twice. She has no fear or concerns of the bad outcome on her side, all she can think of is to bring safety and protection to her children at whatever cost. If they're safe and happy  ~ she's safe and happy.

Her wants and needs ends at the moment her children wants and needs begin. Her expectation of their well-being is so high that in her eyes they can do no wrong. She has the thickest skin in the world that nothing they do can get her offended. She's hard to be offended and easy to forgive them no matter what.

In my point of view, a good Mother is the one who is not afraid to share her Success and her Failure with her children. Have no secrets with them. Let them in your life. We live in a real world, not no 'Fantasy Island' where we have to face difficulties, struggles and obstacles daily. As we face and overcome them, and by passing it on to them we're blessing them, we just have to pray and believe that the'll learn from it and not suffer as we did. And if they have set backs, get back up and try again. We must teach them that life is not made-up of peaches 'n' cream, and not everyone one out there Loves them as much as we do.

Mothers don't be afraid to correct and punish your children when needed, and don't hide your weakness from them either, that will also bless them as well. We're the best when it comes to Love them, but we must also show them that we're not perfect and it's A-okay to make mistake. Teach them that we can always make a U-turn!

I Love my daughters unconditionally and I'm not afraid to rebuke, punish, and show  them my weakness as well as my strength.

I just wish as Mothers could have this thick-skin and an unforgiven heart to be hard to offend and easy to forgive everyone else in our lives as we do for our children. huh :-)))*

To me that's the Beauty of a great Mom.

So what do you think about my Mother's point of view?
Feel free to leave me yours.

"Train or start a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it". Proverbs 22:6

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